Green Waste Recycle collects and recycles green waste with our 600 Litre garden bags and 240 litre wheelie bins.
Residential, Body Corporate and Commercial customers.
You can rely on us to remove your green waste quickly and in the most cost effective way.  

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We collect our garden bag on any regular reoccurring collection cycle you choose from 1 week through to 8 weeks and at a cost of only $18.00 including GST per bag collection.  

We leave a tax invoice in your letterbox with your next collection date and remaining balance.
No administration or set-up charges only $18.00 per collection. 
hange the frequency of collections for the garden bags to suit the season by phone, text or emailing our office.

Our green bin service costs $74.50 per annum x 23 collections of a 240 litre wheelie bin and are collected fortnightly from your curb side.

We leave an tax invoice in your letterbox with the current balance and the next collection date.
Wheel the bin to your gardening and simply leave on your curb side for collection.
No Administration, set up charges or bin purchase only $74.50 for 23 collection per annum. 
You can swap for a garden bag at anytime any credit will be transferred.

1 x 240 litre wheelie bin x 23 collections removes 5520 litres of green waste per annum from your property. 
1x 600 litre garden bag removes 7200 litres on a reoccurring 4 week collection cycle per annum.  
2 x 240 litre green bins x 23 collections removes 11040 litres of green waste per annum from your property.
6x4 trailer costs approx. $160.00 per annum rego and insurance approx. $220.00 and your time going to the refuse station but your car insurance does not cover your trailer .             

Our competitors cannot match our 240 litre green bin for price or service or our garden bag service.

We also sell used garden bags min x 4 for $20.00 and galvanised steel frames min x 4 min for $100.00 and bulk purchase discounts.                            
We take a 1 week holiday over the Christmas/Boxing day period and 5 weeks in the middle of winter which your collections will only stop temporarily during this period and keep cycling through the calendar month without charge until we recommence collections on our return saving you money and you will see our holiday period on the calendar at the bottom of our tax invoice we leave in your letterbox.

Should there be a weather event example cyclone Debbie that prevents us from collecting due to unsafe conditions we will endeavour clear your green waste at the earliest convenience usually within the same week if conditions allow.     

All Equipment supplied by Green Waste Recycle at your premises remains the property of our business unless it is purchased by the customer and is required to be used by the customer for its sole purpose.
Green waste recycle is not affiliated with any government body or organisation.        

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